How to Colon and Parasite Cleanse -5 Home Remedies

Body thieves – Parasites can quietly live in us 

parasite cleanseColon and parasite cleanse is simply necessary. If you were convinced that in more developed countries, parasites are a thing of the past, you are mistaken.

The infection with them is more common than we might imagine and it’s important to do a parasite cleanse every once in a while.

A modern way of life creates ideal conditions for their successful living in the body.

Some experts even believe that more than 90% percent of the world’s population is chronically infected with one or more parasites. They can quietly live in us for a long time; they steal our food, poison us and settle in all parts of our body.

The parasites have killed more people than all wars put together in human history, reported National Geographic in one of their documentaries.

They are an extremely diverse living species, one of the most successful and most numerous. These are intruders in the body who take food from their hosts and at the same time bring them many other problems.

Parasites can be all around us, in the air, in food and in water.

parasties waterEven more familiar and slightly controversial naturopath dr. Hulda Regehr Clark had by her patients, regardless of the length of their list of symptoms, (from chronic fatigue to infertility and psychological problems) searched for only two harmful things: contaminants and parasites.

In one person, there can exist even more species at same time. Those that cause acute and obvious diseases may not be difficult to detect, but many remain hidden, and no one, not even a doctor, cannot detect or even think of them as something that will be a problem in the future.


  • They settle in different parts of the body and come in different sizes.
  • They do not only affect people with poor hygiene habits, but also everyone else is the victims.
  • We become infected if we ingest small parasite eggs or larvae that then hatch out in our body.
  • Inner parasites do not only inhabit intestines, but can evolve anywhere in our body.
  • They can easily enter in other body cavities like organs, tissues or blood, lungs, liver, muscles, stomach, brain, skin, joints and even in the eyes.
  • Some are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope (for example, plasmonics that cause malaria); larger intestinal parasites, such as worms and tessellas, can be seen with the naked eye and can ultimately be horribly long – several meters.
  • Parasites consume essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and sugars of our body, which in itself causes fatigue, anemia, dizziness and hypoglycemia.
  • they are producing poisons that cause additional problems: (digestive problems, parasitic infections, disorders of concentration and mood disorder, direct damage to tissue and inflammation, weight gain…)

Difficulties depend on the part of the body that the parasite inhabits and the toxins that parasite produces there.

Vulnerable Prey for Parasite’s Attack

They get into our bodies in different ways. They can be ingested in different stages of development with water, food, or dirty hands in the mouth.

  1. Nutrient source of infection is not only poorly cooked meat, but also fruits or vegetables dirty with soil or fertilizer.
  2. Microscopic small parasites, such as giardia and cryptosporidium, even go into drinking water sources and are not subjected to conventional cleansing methods such as water chlorination. Drinking water is under control, whereby the rules prescribe a limit that is the number of organisms that are allowed in it, which does not mean that there are no organisms in water.
  3. By a sting or bite, insects that drink blood can also be infected with parasites; for example fleas can insert the larvae of the tapeworm in our body.

Parasitic infections are more common among children, because they are also more vulnerable, and the loss of important nutrients for children can mean a disturbance in a growing development.

The burden on the environment and the body with the poisons surrounding us is probably contributed to an even greater infection of the modern population. They weaken our immune system and we are even more vulnerable to all types of infections that are more difficult to overcome.

They know how to hide

In fact, every one of us can have one or more parasites in the body, but those who have a stronger immune system defense, have at least, lesser problem on the first glance from them…

it is not best for survival of a parasite to kill us immediately, because we are the source of his food. For example, at first it may initially cause an allergic reaction than eventually they cause shortage of nutrients, and then they cause deterioration of the host’s health…

parasite cleanse

In chronic infections it is not so easy to discover their cause

…according to some theories, parasites may be in the background of many rare diseases, which are becoming more and more common, for example fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome…

the infection becomes apparent and dangerous when the immune balance of the host is destroyed; various diseases occur. Later the problems can even be fatal…

most infections slowly and quietly kill our health without even being aware of what is causing our discomfort and without being detected by our doctor. It can even denote problems to psychological or psychosomatic disorder, because doctors can’t find their organic agents…

laboratory investigations, if they order them at all, do not necessarily prove all the infections. For example, coagulants can be protected by the use of mucopolysaccharides, which they attach to themselves to remain unnoticed. They also have other methods of concealment. In addition, they can be in the developmental stages of the body and many medicines will not work at all…

Unexplained Symptoms Caused by Parasites

You should think of parasites when dealing with unexplained symptoms such as:parasite cleanse

  • Fatigue, apathy;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Irritability;
  • Insomnia;
  • Faint pain;
  • Altered intestinal elimination;
  • Flatulence;
  • Constant hunger;
  • Skin rash;
  • Itchy buttocks;
  • Itching ears;
  • When there is no other cause of bad feeling.

Many parasitic infections can be prevented

Unfortunately, they are often undetected and untreated. It is a horrible thought that at this moment there can be a parasite within us competing for every bite of food that we eat, and we have to struggle with fatigue from day to day, because of it.

“Is it really normal that more and more people are suffering from headaches, chronic fatigue and poor digestion?” The author of the book (Parasites, the hidden cause of many diseases) wonders, should we really come to terms with the more frequent eruptions of herpes, colds and periods of depression?

And why do women today count the days until the next fungal inflammation of the vagina?

He is convinced that many problems can be solved by ourselves, with good old methods for suppressing parasites. At the same time, we are probably improving the chances of tackling some of the chronic diseases that are hurting us.

In order to eliminate recurrent fungal infections, it is very important, in his opinion, that before the beginning of their treatment, the parasite cleanse is made (especially tapeworms, mosquitoes, small warms and giardia).

Parasite cleanse with cures offered by official medicine

medical parasite cleanse

For this purpose, metronidazole (Efloran) and atovakon (Malarone) are available, which are antiprotozoic (anti-inflammatory) and antihelmintics albendazole (Dalben, Zantel) and mebendazole (Vermox). Only the doctor can prescribe them.

They must be taken in accordance with the prescribed regime, otherwise they may not work. Often, after a while (two to four weeks), the necessary medicine is taken once again to destroy those developmental forms that first entered the treatment.

Sometimes the whole family has to take the medicine because otherwise the infection is transmitted from one member to another. Hygiene measures, such as washing of towels and bedding, as well as consistent removal of parasites in pets, are recommended during treatment.

Try These Simple Home Remedies to Colon and Parasite Cleanse 

Some people resort to natural help to ged rid of parasites, in order to avoid visiting a doctor, and also because natural medicines are supposed to be more friendly to the body. But we need to know that some effective natural drugs against parasites are almost as straightforward or even more toxic than synthetic. Therefore, we must be careful with their use.

Before starting the parasite cleanse, prepare the intestines and the body with cleansing. For this purpose, we can help with milder natural laxatives. Choose such tools that help the body to remove as many heavy metals and toxins as possible and that they are both safe and tested. A simple and natural methods of cleaning can be:

  1. Fasting
  2. Removing sugar and grain from your meals
  3. Essential oil of oregano (3 drops of oregano oil + water + fresh squeezed lemon = drink 3x daily)
  4. Drinking extra virgin coconut oil or eat coconut meat – it has plenty medium chain fatty acids that help the immune system in its pathogens battle
  5. Eating raw garlic and onions provide antiparasitic sulfur containing amino acids


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