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Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller is a professional naturopath and writer.

She is author of the best-selling books on Amazon and has also in a period of the past 15 years or more, helped thousands of women and men lose their weight and regain their health, happiness and good quality life.

The Red Tea Detox

Liz’s last book on The Red Tea Detox reveals how to make extraordinary tea that has and is helping numbers of people lose as much as 14 pounds in 14 days ever since the book came out.

Elizabeth herself has also, lost 41 pounds by this same red tea recipe she made.

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“This entire idea came out because of some story that I heard,” Liz explained. “I heard a tale of the delicious red tea in Africa –it was called a ‘voodoo tea’ – that people of Kenyan tribe in the remote wilderness of Africa were drinking it to suppress any feelings of hunger.”

The story inspired Liz so much it made her traveling to the remote area where she literally risked her life by encountering a poisonous snake in search of uncovering the legend and coming to the bottom of it all.

“What I found there made me see that there was indeed a tea that doesn’t only suppresses hunger cravings but also burns huge amounts of fat and gives you almost unlimited energy,” Liz said.

“The discovery itself repaid for all my troubles and traveling hardships ten times over, because it really is a unique treasure well received in the modern world”

5 Herbal Ingredients

And the best news for customers is that the modern global shipping, can deliver the needed teatox ingredients to make the tea to any local store on the planet.

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“Upon drinking this tea you will feel full like you just had a meal than satisfied, and energized instantly for a longer period of time.

Your body will be activating its natural ability to burn calories, with a built-in supercharge you didn’t use in maybe the whole life,” Liz said.


Red Tea has in its substance 5 herbal ingredients that work as a fusion which is suggesting orders from your brain down to your fat cells to keep burning un-needed fat and shrink your fat cells without ever had to feel the hunger at all.

The Red Tea Detox / Weight Loss Program

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  • It was made in more than a decade of hard work and research in three long years of real-world practice testing.
  • Program in its substance is perfected and made in a way that quickly resolves toxins from the body and flushes out fat, and it works fast and efficient for everybody.
  • In fact, in just 14 days you will be able to lose from five up to fifteen pounds of fat or more.
  • The Red Tea Detox is the latest and best weight loss program book written by Liz, who has finished studies in Psychology and Naturopathy.


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