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”Greetings everyone,

I’m excited to tell you that Red Tea Detox really helped me to lose 11 pounds in 14 days!

After pregnancy I had problems getting back in shape. I simply couldn’t do it and I was certain my only chance to lose weight is a medical weight loss program. I looked bad, I was depressed and it has shown that relationship also start going badly. Having two babies at home makes it impossible to eat healthy or find time to exercise. So I said goodbye to my size 16 for good. Than one day sister sent me a link by mail about teatox and I was at first really skeptical about it, because every other junk mail contains miracle diets for huge amounts of money up front and nothing works.

Anyway I have read Liz Swan’s story and it got to me. Also story of her incredible discovery in Africa made me to want to know more.

Today I am happy I signed up for it, because teatox really worked for me. It is best colon cleanse I have ever tried and amazing boost energy drink.

First of all the taste is great and feeling of energy came over me immediately. It was nothing like coffee where you get the good false feeling of energy just so later you crash down again. Tea had energized me for whole day with no sugar or chemistry.

Than my unneeded weight suddenly came down and within few days I felt lighter already. I also managed to squeeze myself into the size 12 again after a long time! A week later I reached the size 10! And I couldn’t be happier! I also felt so much younger than before. Best of all is that I know what is going into my body. Recipe is easy to put together and it is all organic. I can eat normally and no need to be careful about anything. Thank you Liz!”  – Wendy M., Portland, Oregon



my name is Shelly, I’m 29 and I’m here to tell you about the Red Tea Detox. I wasn’t in a relationship for a long time so I didn’t pay much attention on weight gaining. I made a lot for not going out so much and meeting new people. I really just stayed home because I was simply too fat and didn’t want to control it.

Later it happened that I fell in love with a new coworker Steve so I decided to make a change. I tried a lot of things and nothing seemed to work much, when I accidentally find out about the red teatox and decided to try it out.

First thing I learned was the simplicity of preparing the tea. Recipe was really easy and logical and I was able to buy all things required in a local supermarket. Taste was so good that it required no sugar at all.

Also you don’t have to make any big lifestyle change, all you do is keep schedule of this skinny tea and that’s it.

Best thing is it really worked in a big way! In just 2 weeks I lost 12 pounds. I was so happy and motivated that I went to a local gym. 3 months later I completely changed my life around. I’m down 40 pounds already. I’m in best shape of my life. Also I managed together with Steve and we have been inseparable ever since. So please try it out yourself.”  Shelly C., Raleigh, North Carolina


”Howdy folks

I want to say that it is not easy to stay in shape when you reach the middle age. I didn’t even notice how the weight came up on me through the years. First time I realized how I look on the family photo where I didn’t recognize myself. It was sad, but just what I needed.

I decided to do a little research on fastest and easiest ways of losing weight. Then I came up on Liz Swann’s Teatox. It was the thing I looked for – powerful effect, easy to prepare, easy to use, and no exercises or throwing money on gyms. Also no diets and starving.

This program seemed very much unreal, or maybe it was because there is tons of fake products out there and I was skeptical on all of them at the time, but this one made me to just want to try, so I did give it a chance. And I’m glad I did. It is way better as medical weight loss programs I was searching for. The weight started to come off fast and the taste of the tea was delicious. It removed toxins from my body and flushed belly fat really fast. So I kept on using it. I’m now size 10 and I have more energy than ever so I also started to walk and exercise every day and it feels amazing. Thank you Liz for sharing this with the world.”  Diane M., Houston, Texas


”Hi all I’m Pam!

Need to say that I tried many of the diet programs before I stumbled over this teatox and had no faith in its effectiveness. I tried tea before and it just added the water weight as well and taste was usually bad. But with this Red Tea it was all different. I’m thinking because it is a traditional African recipe dating back a long time ago.

It doesn’t just flush out water from cells but it also destroys fat cells that were build up through whole life in almost the same way as a good training would.

It sounded too good to actually believe it but later I have read the history of creation and it became all very logical to me. Ingredients are not strictly African, because I had to buy only one missing ingredient in a super market and the rest I already had at home. Taste was delicious, fruity and really easy to drink and results were awesome.

I didn’t have lots of overweight to start with but I had that little too much fat around my waist and thighs but I never could get rid of it. In a few days the effect showed up. I felt light, in a few weeks I became thinner, a few months later the goal was achieved. I feel selfconfident and happy now thanks to Liz’s recipe.”  Pamela Y., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


”Hi everyone!

My name is Alistair and I’m going to tell of my story with Red Tea Detox.

My work is traveling mostly so I have no time to make a proper meal. Because schedule is tight I started to eat junk food and I had no possible way to work out either. So with time I got heavier and fat around my waistline.

When my girlfriend sent me a Red Tea program I was surprised and upset, because she started to think of me as a fat person. In reality I knew that myself only I never admitted it. So she wanted to help and I stick to it.

I made my first sample to take with me on my trip and first surprise was how good it tasted and made me feel full all the time.

Nut no matter where I went, I could always make more because of the simplicity of the ingredients!

Results were the most important part. I felt lighter, less swollen, healthier and my waist started to disappear. In three months I came down 22 kilos and my girl is now more attracted to me because I really got skinny. I can’t believe it myself. My health and happiness improved a hunderd times!  Thanks!”  Alistair B., Birmingham, England



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